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I will provide you with concrete steps that you can actually put into practice easily so that your dream life can FINALLY be yours.

Concrete plans that are guaranteed to give you a nice return on investment in the world of crypto. You will learn the ways of the professionals (the whales!).

No more financial frustrations. No more screwing around in the world of crypto. Actual results. Guaranteed results.

Per call we cover a different topic so you can learn everything you need to know about crypto. My coaching will make you a professional in the world of crypto.

You can use my experience to avoid making rookie mistakes, which alone saves you a lot of money and pain. I am a 100% convinced I can turn WHOEVER into a crypto pro. Yes, even YOU.

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Prices are $270/€250 per call (before tax).
Payment in crypto is possible as well, just ask me (it’s tax free).

One call is about an hour long.
Most people book about 2 calls per month, but more are possible if wanted.

The calls get recorded so you can watch them back and I will create a practical Word document describing your situation, thoughts, goals and dreams. Let’s reach your financial goals together.

In what languages can I get coaching?

Coaching can be given in Dutch and/or English, I speak both fluently.