MASS Airdrop

Volg de stappen in Telegram voor de airdrop:

De MASS Airdrop is 6 MASS coins waard (~$ 1.80). Verdien ook nog eens een extra 0.50 MASS coins (~$ 0.15) voor elke referral.

“Massnet is is a PoC (Proof of Capacity) blockchain consensus system that can provide consensus services for any blockchain. The MASS algorithm was originally proposed by top computer scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which successfully solves the problem of the high energy consumption of Bitcoin (BTC). Its biggest feature is that each user only needs to contribute a small amount of capacity to participate in blockchain data storage and verification, and MASS community developers created the MASS consensus engine based on this principle. This engine solves troublesome technical issues such as the cross-chain problem through the underlying principle of a universal consensus mechanism.”

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